We opened for the strawberry picking season on Saturday May 16, 2020. We will be picking berries twice a week. Thank you all that came this year to pick cherries. We opened May 5, 2020 for the 2020 cherry picking season and closed on May 10, 2020. Such a short season this year. May be mother nature will be kind to us next year and we can have a longer season.

We do not have any cherries.

available now: Strawberries


Right now,it is really early in the season. The fruit is ripening and the 
the vegetables are still growing. We can only serve three to four fruit 
pickers per day. For now, we will be trying a reservation system. To reserve
your spot, send an e-mail with the time and the date to We will confirm your reservation.
Small amount of fruit is ripe right now. We will be accepting reservations
only for:
Wednesday  June 10, 2020     9 AM - 3PM
Saturday   June 13, 2020     9 AM - 3 PM 

2020 Strawberry Prices

Upick        $2.99/lb
Prepicked    $3.50/lb (sealed 2.86 lb bags for $10)
Cash only. minimum purchase $5.00 per person 
Please note prices may vary weekly depending on 
market conditions. 

Strawberry Picking directions

Because the strawberries are lying on the ground, please do not eat any strawberries before washing them. There is a hose bib in the middle of the strawberry row. Wash the strawberry prior to taste test. While picking strawberries, do not pull on the strawberry. The pulling action will dislodge the root system. Sometimes even the plant will come out of the ground. Instead of pulling, break the stem. You may want to bring a small pair of scissors to cutoff the strawberry.

2020 blackberry prices

Upick        $7.49/lb
Prepicked    $8.49/lb (sealed 1.20 lb bags for $10)

Blackberry picking directions.

The ripe blackberries have dull black appearance, soft to the touch and easily detach from the vine. On the other hand, berries with a shiny look, firm, or hard to detach are not quite ripe and may taste sour. Taste test a berry for your preference. Blackberries are very delicate. Pick the blackberries in the bag, you intend to take home. Always keep the blackberry bag on top of other fruit.


We are following all of the Santa Clara county guidelines. Here is a link to their page. While you are at gilroyUpick, wear a mask, use gloves, maintain a minimum covid-19 distance, wash your hands prior to arriving, and follow all of the Santa Clara county Covid-19 guidelines. While you are at gilroyUpick, you are responsible for following all of the Santa Clara County covid-19 guidelines.
Because of the Covid-19, we do not have any bathroom that you may use.

To minimize the spread of covid-19, we will have 2 lb bags of strawberries sealed and ready for you to pickup. We will have samples that are randomly selected strawberries for you to taste test. If you wish, you may stay in your car and the strawberries will be delivered to you.

Bring your own buckets. Grab one of the brown bags in check in area. Pick your strawberries in the brown bag. Just in case you forget your own bucket, we will have buckets lined with a brown bag in the check in area.