We do not use any sprays organic or inorganic. We do not use any chemical fertilizer. For the nutritional needs of our crops, we are using cover crops. This website always has the latest information. The information including the hours on google maps and other social websites is not always accurate.

The 2022 stone fruit season is over.

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Before you leave your house, please always check this website for crop availability and prices.

Picking Blackberries

The ripe blackberries are soft to the touch and easily detach from the vine. On the other hand, berries that are firm, or hard to detach are not quite ripe and may taste sour. The ripe blackberries are dull in appearance. The shiny blackberry is not quite ripe and will taste sour. Taste test a berry for your preference. Blackberries are very delicate. Pick the blackberries in the box that you are given at the farm. Always keep the blackberry box on top of other fruit.


Because this is a an actively working farm. Several hazardous conditions exist. Wear closed toe shoes. You will not be allowed in the orchard with open toe shoes. You will get dirt in your shoes. You may occasionally step into mud. Do not climb any ladders, trees, tractors, or other farm implements. Keep your children with you at all times. No pets are allowed in the orchard.


We do not have any bathrooms on the premises that you may use.


On site parking is extremely limited. If you decide to park across the street on Korn lane, do not block any driveways especially the driveways across from the cherry orchard drive way. Do not park on the pavement on Korn Lane. Make sure all four wheels are off the pavement.