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We have plums/pluots/pluerries

Available now:
Plums: Santa Rosa and starry night varieties
Pluerries: Sweet treat variety.

plums/pluots/pluerries               $4.49/lb
$5.00 min per person


  Saturday          July 20           9 AM-11 AM and 4 PM - 7 PM
  Sunday            July 14           Closed
  Monday           July 15          Closed
  Tuesday           July 16          9 AM-11 AM and 4 PM - 7 PM
  Wednesday      July 17          Closed
  Thursday         July 18           Check back
  Friday             July 19           Closed

We frequntly update the hours. Please always check this website before you leave your home.

When you get to gilroyUpick, and nobody is at the ranch.
Please, call us at (408) 607-1417


We do not have any restrooms on the premises that you can use.
Do not ask for a restroom.


Onsite parking is extremely limited. After the parking is full, park across the street on korn lane.
Do not block the two gates across from the driveway. Make sure all four wheels are off the pavement.

Contact us


10541 Korn Lane,
Gilroy, CA,95020